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Mar-2008The Incidence of the Application of Participative Techniques in the Development of Fluency in the Review Two of CENDIA C.A.Morales, Marcos; Cobo Cueva, José Antonio
Jan-2006Incidence of the usage of innovative games in the Teaching - Learning process of english with the students of fourth basic A and B at Angel Polibio Chaves School, during the year 2004 - 2005Avalos, Lilian; Noroña, Alexandra; Valladares, Iván
Feb-2007Influence of the articulation of spanish sounds in the production of the english sounds of the EFL process in the Hermano Miguel private high school of Latacunga city and a workbook with practical exercisesHerrera, Daniel; Quishpe, Nelly Marisol
Apr-2008Incidence of recreational techniques to reduce attrition and improve learning English as a second language on students of elementary and pre-intermediate levels at Lincoln College of foreign languages Institute during april july 2008Arcos, María Eugenia; Dávila Herrería, Juan Carlos
Aug-2008The influence of music stimulation in the development of ESL in children between 5 and 6 years old in the BRITÁNICO INTERNACIONAL School during one school year 2007-2008Llumiquinga P., María Teresa; Carrasco Pazmiño, Tania Yasmín
Jul-2009The incidence of active learning on the level of speaking skill development in students attending the tenth year at educational unit INMACULADA during the third trimester, 2008 - 2009Llumiquinga P., María Teresa; Alcívar Loor, Karen Virginia
Jan-2007The motivation in the English Language learning process for students of the first senior year of Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco Public High School, in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, from january 2006 to june 2006Herrera, Daniel; Meza Gaibor, Blanca Corona
Dec-2006Analysis of the English language teaching system in the Ecuadorian air force headquarters in connection with the six curriculum componentsDonoso, Juan; Batallas Lara, Cosme Felipe; Orbe Arellano, Rubén Bayardo
Oct-2009The relationship between the distance learning education and language skills development in the applied linguistics in English program for students attending the eighth level of the army polytechnic school, during the term October 2008 march 2009Ponce, Miguel V; Cajamarca Peñaranda, Guillermo; Guerrero Solano, Darío
Mar-2006Influence of the computerized techniques in the methods that are used generally in the teaching of english as a foreign languageDonoso, Juan; Morán Castro, Raúl Ernesto; Cabascango Pérez, María Soledad