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2014The influence of motivation in the development of reading skills in students attending 8th year of basic education at Inepe High School during the school year 2012-2013Salgado Jaya, Gabriela Paola
Dec-2013The influence of Self-Regulated Learning in the development of the speaking skill on students attending the eighth basic year at Andres Bello Public High School, during the second term, 2012-2013 school yearArmijos Jumbo, Sonia Marisol
2013The incidence of tutor/student interaction on student's english performance in the eighth year of basic education, at julio Maria Matovelle High School in Quito, during the 2011-2012 school yearDe la Torre, Ileana
Mar-2014The influence of digital classes as didactic material to improve the english teaching ¿ learning process for students attending the fourth grade of basic education, at Unidad Educativa FAE nº 4, during the academic year third term 2012-feb 2013Guayasamín Cantos, Karla Xiomara
2010A study of the relationship between the citizen s education and the development of values for teenagers in the eighth year of basic education, at the providence high school in Gijón - Spain, during the first trimester, school year 2009-2010Ponce, Miguel; Segarra Donoso, Sandra E.
2012Scientific Article - The relationship between the Esmeraldas Myths and the development of the reading skill in English for students attending the ninth year of Basic Education at Cristo Rey High School in the city of Esmeraldas, during the second term, 2011-2012 school year.Calderón Centeno, Ligia María
Feb-2010Study of flight operations and aeronautical information service areas at the Cotopaxi International Airport to determine the aeronautical technical english requirements from october 2009 to january 2010Arcos Jiménez, María Eugenia; Ríos Toro, María Gabriela
Sep-2012Implementation of audio-visual material in the English class and its incidence in the Vocabulary Acquisition on students attending the fifth grade at "Arco Iris Occidental School" during the Second Term 2010 - 2011 School YearProaño, Ana Lucía
Mar-2013The incidence of using authentic material in teaching vocabulary to students who are attending 10th grade at saint patrick school in Quito-Ecuador from september to december 2012Suarez Sierra, Lucia
2012Incidence of applying the task-based learning method and group work technique to develop english speaking production on students attending the 7th year of basic education at Sagrados Corazones School during the scholar year 2011-2012Rivera Arcos, Marco Orlando; Navas Rodriguez, Susana Del Rocio