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Mar-2008The Incidence of the Application of Participative Techniques in the Development of Fluency in the Review Two of CENDIA C.A.Morales, Marcos; Cobo Cueva, José Antonio
2007Analysis, design and application of an appropriate teaching english methodology for pre-school children with adhd (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the Bilingual Kids Centre Blue SkyÁvalos, Lilián; Vallejo del Castillo, Viviana Alexandra
Oct-2006The methodological process to implement the bilingualism and the significant learning of the English Language for basic level children at the Combatientes de Tapi military high school in the city of Riobamba during the period 2005-2006Llumiquinga, Maria Teresa; Pérez Hidalgo, Jilmar Bayardo
Oct-2007Creation of the Language Center at Universidad Estatal de Bolivar, a curricular design proposalLópez, Raúl; Moreta Prado, Estuardo Napoleón; Quisphe Hipo, Luis Armando
2011Incidence of an English Military Terminology Handbook in the process of english acquisition for the students of first year of basic military education at the Army Soldiers' Training School Vencedores del Cenepa in Ambato during the pre- intermediate english levelVilla, Oswaldo; Cadena Pantoja, Cynthia Alejandra
2007The importance of the standards' knowledge in the teaching of English at the fiscal urban morning elementary schools in Riobamba in the School year 2006 - 2007Herrera, Daniel; Cabezas Árevalo, Leonardo Efraín
Oct-2007To capture the Students´ interest in the learning of the basic English language through the use of classrooms Projects On the eight grades´ Students of the Unidad Educativa Grad. Miguel IturraldeHerrera, Daniel; Maila Barrionuevo, Hugo
2012The role English plays in the economic, social, and intellectual development of teachers at Madre María Berenice School, Quito, september 2010Chiliquinga Arguello, Teresa del Rocío
2007Second language learning produces vowel mispronunciation in the pupils of seventh grade in Domingo Savio School, for boysHerrera, Daniel; Salas Gallegos, Manuel Mesías
2010The action research as an strategy to improve teaching and learning process in the english class of tenth grades at "Abdón Calderón" Military High School in Quito, during the first term, 2009 - 2010 school yearVilla, Oswaldo; Almache Bermeo, Mayra Elizabeth; Badillo Pucha, Rober Fernando