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Jul-2007Incidence of a new proposal syllabus for teaching aeronautical phraseology in english at Cap. Fernando Vasconez Army Aviation School for XXIX basic pilots course 2006Avalos, Lilian; Armas Miranda, Verónica Karina; Tipan Troya, Jhonny Bolivar
Jun-2007Incidence of the application of the multiple intelligences teaching strategies In the level of development of English language skills with students of the 6th and 7th grades at the MIGUEL DE UNAMUNO Private Bilingual Institute, School Year 2006 - 2007Avalos, Lilian; Almeida García, Evelyn Verónica; Contreras Castro, Patricia Elena
Jan-2006Incidence of the usage of innovative games in the Teaching - Learning process of english with the students of fourth basic A and B at Angel Polibio Chaves School, during the year 2004 - 2005Avalos, Lilian; Noroña, Alexandra; Valladares, Iván
Sep-2007Incidence of the use of ice-breaking activities as motivation techniques in the academic output of the teaching - learning process in the 8th year of basic education at JUAN JACOBO ROUSSEAUAvalos, Lilian; Coyago Inga, Benito Mesías; Navas Rodríguez, Nelly Zoila
Oct-2006Is there any relationship between multiple Intelligences and the teaching-learning process of english in five year old children at Eugenio Espejo Military high school, school Year 2006-2007Avalos, Lilian; Iza Espinoza, Luis Alberto
Oct-2008The influence of the number of students in the results of the teaching learning achievements, in the first term, School year 2007-2008 at F.A.E SchoolAvalos, Lilian; Estrada Proaño, Amada