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Mar-2007Incidence of total physical response method in the teaching second language program applied at "Isabel de Godin" High School at Third Secretarial Bilingual Baccalaureate year during the first term 2006-2007Herrera, Daniel; Pastor Herrera, Marcela
Feb-2007Influence of the articulation of spanish sounds in the production of the english sounds of the EFL process in the Hermano Miguel private high school of Latacunga city and a workbook with practical exercisesHerrera, Daniel; Quishpe, Nelly Marisol
2007Motivation in English Teaching as a Foreign Language" for Unidad Educativa Cristiana FEBE, First Basic School Year 2004-2005Herrera, Daniel; Vega Rivera, María Augusta
2007Second language learning produces vowel mispronunciation in the pupils of seventh grade in Domingo Savio School, for boysHerrera, Daniel; Salas Gallegos, Manuel Mesías
2007The importance of the standards' knowledge in the teaching of English at the fiscal urban morning elementary schools in Riobamba in the School year 2006 - 2007Herrera, Daniel; Cabezas Árevalo, Leonardo Efraín
Jan-2007The motivation in the English Language learning process for students of the first senior year of Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco Public High School, in Santo Domingo de los Colorados, from january 2006 to june 2006Herrera, Daniel; Meza Gaibor, Blanca Corona
Oct-2007To capture the Students´ interest in the learning of the basic English language through the use of classrooms Projects On the eight grades´ Students of the Unidad Educativa Grad. Miguel IturraldeHerrera, Daniel; Maila Barrionuevo, Hugo