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Fecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor(es)
2006Creation and implementation of a last generation English Laboratory for the last third students courses at Abdón Calderon Military High School in Quito, during the two first trimestersMorales, Marcos; Morales Garrido, Nelson Ricardo; Molina Guamán, Luis Antonio
Jan-2008For learning a new language of 6th and 7th grade children, at Jorge Escudero Moscoso Public school during the school year September 2006 June 2007Morales, Marcos; Villavicencio Almeida, María Augusta
Aug-2007Incidence of english materials in the learning process in the students of 4th and 5th courses of Jocarlo High School, in the period April- July 2007Morales, Marcos; Rivadeneira Cortes, Mariela Elizabeth
Jun-2007Incidence of grammar translation method in English Language learning in sixth and seventh elementary school students at Salle High School, during the school year 2006 - 2007Morales, Marcos; Andrango Asmal, Pablo Mauricio; Gualotuña Hidalgo, Liza Mariela
Jan-2008Incidence of interactive teaching methodologies in the english classroom for improving communicative skills in the students of second year of Emiliano Ortega Espinoza School in the period may, july 2007Morales, Marcos; Morillo Chamba, Sandra Jimena
Aug-2007Incidence of manual software application for teaching technical english and C-130 airplane systems to students of second level Mechanical Aeronautical Career at ITSA, during period march-june 2007Morales, Marcos; Sánchez Santillán, Juan Raúl; Tulchán Asimbaya, Edwin Stalin
Jul-2008Script for describing the San Francisco Monumental Complex for foreign tourists and its spread out among tourist guidesMorales, Marcos; Duchi Cujilema, María Patricia
Mar-2008The Incidence of the Application of Participative Techniques in the Development of Fluency in the Review Two of CENDIA C.A.Morales, Marcos; Cobo Cueva, José Antonio
Jan-2007The influence of the U.T.E. English Teacher s Profile in the motivation of students learning english as a second language during the summer course august-september 2006Morales, Marcos; Mejía Campo, Ma. Lizette