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Título : Incidence of interactive teaching methodologies in the english classroom for improving communicative skills in the students of second year of Emiliano Ortega Espinoza School in the period may, july 2007
Director(es): Morales, Marcos
Autor: Morillo Chamba, Sandra Jimena
Palabras clave : METHODOLOGY
Fecha de publicación : Jan-2008
Editorial: QUITO / ESPE-IDIOMAS / 2008
Citación : Morillo Chamba, Sandra Jimena ( 2008 ). Incidence of interactive teaching methodologies in the english classroom for improving communicative skills in the students of second year of Emiliano Ortega Espinoza School in the period may, july 2007. Applied Linguistics in English Career. ESPE. Sede Idiomas.
Abstract: This research is intended to highlight focus on Incidence of Interactive Teaching Methodologies In the English Classroom for Improving Communicative Skills It will help us to understand and to prove at the same time the important academic achievements gotten with ongoing training, interactive techniques and methods in order to improve the four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to an excellent learning of the English language. During the development of this project, I have came working with two groups of students of the second year, at the Emiliano Ortega Espinoza School , the one experimental group and the second control group, six months ago, the 3 first months began to encourage to the students for working through by expositions, role- plays, games, debates and other activities, but during last three months May-July began to evaluate between two groups of the students, where the results let me prove that interactive Teaching in the classroom applying the four skills have a positive influence in the group experimental, who were using this interactive teaching program, at beginning was difficult for them, but then the interactive teaching classroom was very funny and amazing for them. Because They enjoyed with all the activities applied during the last 3 months. One becomes a teacher by loving the students and the subject by reading extensively in the field, as well as through trial and error, sweat and tears. All of us know that teaching is not easy task , in fact, we as teachers sometimes find it difficult to reach our students and make them understand what we are explaining or what we have explained. On the other hand, all of us have variety of experiences in our teaching life, these experiences are sometimes very good, but some are not so good, and make us feel as if we were not doing the things right. All of us know that there are different kinds of groups, and definitively, this makes our experiences not be the same all times. I think that maybe this is what makes teaching a challenging task. As we can see new trends have influenced too much for the language teaching to improve, and we as teachers need to know or at least have and idea on how those changes have been produced and the bases under which those changes have been done, besides that, it is good for us to know some hints of how experts think language must be taught. Finally, I feel proud that my research ended successfully, all my dear students collaborated of the best manner, Therefore authorities of this institution congratulated me for this work. and at the same time, it will help me into my professional life for taking in consideration all the knowledge acquired during the development of this research for the teaching/learning process of my students.
URI : http://repositorio.espe.edu.ec/handle/21000/4838

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