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Título : Motivation in English Teaching as a Foreign Language" for Unidad Educativa Cristiana FEBE, First Basic School Year 2004-2005
Director(es): Herrera, Daniel
Autor: Vega Rivera, María Augusta
Palabras clave : EDUCATION
Fecha de publicación : 2007
Editorial: QUITO/ ESPE-IDIOMAS / 2007
Citación : Vega Rivera, María Augusta ( 2011 ). Motivation in English Teaching as a Foreign Language" for Unidad Educativa Cristiana FEBE, First Basic School Year 2004-2005. Applied Linguistics in English Career. ESPE. Sede Idiomas.
Abstract: Nowadays, most of schools teach at least one foreign language, it is the English language. English language is a good option if children have to learn a foreign language. Learning English become a useful tool and sometimes necessary, because we can find many ways of English in many places, communication media, cloth, food, toys and so on. Although English language is very useful, in most of cases becomes a boring subject for most of the students as in elemental school as secondary school. According to the study that I research in a selected group of 50 people between students and family parents (elementary school, secondary, superior); the 90% think that English is useful, the 10% thinks that learning English is a waste of time. 80% thinks that studying English is boring due to the way is taught. In order to introduce the present topic, I wrote the following question: In which level of the school do you think that English must be emphasized in order to students enjoy to learn English? Why? The 85 % answer in 1st level (kinder garden); and to concrete the question, why? I treat to summarize,"If students learn since the beginning of their studies an appropriate and dynamic way, they will enjoy learning English in future levels, because they could remember most of the vocabulary, additionally, they could get self confidence about the subject and to find a correct use". In order to assist the expectative that most of people require in the research, I have designed a kind of teaching program specially for children that begin to study, in that way, this will avoid the absence of enthusiasm that this subject produces in students when they go on to the next levels.
URI : http://repositorio.espe.edu.ec/handle/21000/4826

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