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2010A study of the relationship between the citizen s education and the development of values for teenagers in the eighth year of basic education, at the providence high school in Gijón - Spain, during the first trimester, school year 2009-2010Ponce, Miguel; Segarra Donoso, Sandra E.
Feb-2012ESPEctativa Nº 6Quintana Sánchez, Armando; Grijalva Mañay, Rosita; Guayasamin, Fabián; Rivadeneira, Pedro; Bravo, Eduardo; Maya, Maribel; Carvaja Raura, Romeo; Acosta Padilla, Carla; Suquilanda Valdivieso, Alfredo; Toala, Alexandra; Koch Kaiser, Alma Rosel; Arce Carriel, Marcelo; Vinueza, María del Carmen; Ponce, Miguel; Baldeón, Ximena; Jácome, Wilson; Valladares, Iván
2016The effect of cooperative learning on the speaking skill development for students of the first year of bachillerato at Jose Maria Velaz High School, in Huaquillas, during the 2015-2016 school yearPonce, Miguel; Jaramillo Jara, Nelly Maribel; Porras Maldonado, Elssy Elena
Jul-2008The incidence of cooperative learning on the teaching and learning process in five-year old childrenPonce, Miguel; Morillo, Giovanna
Aug-2009The incidence of fielder and Silverman s model on the teaching learning Process of English for members of the army band of The infantry brigade no. 1 EL ORO, during the first trimester 2009Ponce, Miguel; Gadvay G., Juan R.
2007The incidence of information and communication technologies (ict) in the learning process of english from students of the third year of high school, maths and physics major at "Don Bosco" educational center in the first quarter during the school year 2006 -2007Ponce, Miguel; Melendres Lucero, Marjori Sulema; Quilachamín Cóndor, Sonia Irene
2011The incidence of reading comprehension strategies in the results of the reading skill of the ket test taken by students attending the seventh year of basic education at Cardinal Spellman Girls´ School during the third trimester, 2010-2011 school yearPonce, Miguel; Peñafiel, Lorena; Villalva, Nancy
Jul-2009The incidence of teaching for understanding methodology on the reading skill development for students attending the third level of the ESPE onsite English program during the October 2007 march 2008 termPonce, Miguel; Hidalgo Salazar, Francisco Enrique
2009The incidence of the application of dynamic hypermedia resources on the level of development of reading and writing skills for students attending the sixth grade of basic education at LEOPOLDO LUCERO school in NUEVA LOJA, SUCUMBIOS during the third trimester, 2007-2008 school yearPonce, Miguel; López Quimi, Jimmy Enrique
Dec-2007The incidence of the personnel's English reading comprehension level on the application process of the far_145 in the electronics maintenance center of Guayaquil during the months of June and July, 2007Ponce, Miguel; Cárdenas C., Renán; Ortega A., Alonso
2016The influence of teacher's attitudes and beliefs into technology-related skills, at Unidad Educativa Tumbaco during the 2010-2011 school yearPonce, Miguel; Collaguazo Carrera, Héctor Gonzalo