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Dec-2013The influence of Self-Regulated Learning in the development of the speaking skill on students attending the eighth basic year at Andres Bello Public High School, during the second term, 2012-2013 school yearArmijos Jumbo, Sonia Marisol
2013The incidence of tutor/student interaction on student's english performance in the eighth year of basic education, at julio Maria Matovelle High School in Quito, during the 2011-2012 school yearDe la Torre, Ileana
2012Incidence of applying the task-based learning method and group work technique to develop english speaking production on students attending the 7th year of basic education at Sagrados Corazones School during the scholar year 2011-2012Rivera Arcos, Marco Orlando; Navas Rodriguez, Susana Del Rocio
Aug-2009The incidence of some practical activities on writing skill improvement for children attending the 6th year of basic education at Hernando Taquez School, during the second term, school year 2008 - 2009Villa T., Oswaldo; Ayala Chicaiza, Marcia Olinda
2007Analysis, design and application of an appropriate teaching english methodology for pre-school children with adhd (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) in the Bilingual Kids Centre Blue SkyÁvalos, Lilián; Vallejo del Castillo, Viviana Alexandra
Aug-2009Evaluation strategies to assess english writing skills for ninth year High School at Alfonso Laso Bermeo in Quito during the first term 2008-2009Villa, Oswaldo; Ochoa Espín, Shida; Lizarzaburo C., Lenin
2007The incidence of information and communication technologies (ict) in the learning process of english from students of the third year of high school, maths and physics major at "Don Bosco" educational center in the first quarter during the school year 2006 -2007Ponce, Miguel; Melendres Lucero, Marjori Sulema; Quilachamín Cóndor, Sonia Irene
Oct-2007Creation of the Language Center at Universidad Estatal de Bolivar, a curricular design proposalLópez, Raúl; Moreta Prado, Estuardo Napoleón; Quisphe Hipo, Luis Armando
2007Incidence of a new proposal syllabus for teaching Aeronautical Phraseology in EnglishÁvalos, Lilian; Armas Miranda, Verónica Karina; Tipan Troya, Jhonny Bolivar
2011Incidence of an English Military Terminology Handbook in the process of english acquisition for the students of first year of basic military education at the Army Soldiers' Training School Vencedores del Cenepa in Ambato during the pre- intermediate english levelVilla, Oswaldo; Cadena Pantoja, Cynthia Alejandra