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dc.contributor.advisorGuamán Guanopatín, Milton Efraín-
dc.contributor.authorIbarra Álava, Mery Yolanda-
dc.identifier.citationBIbarra Alava, Mery Yolanda (2022). Desarrollo de un Modelo de Gestión Estratégico para la Biblioteca de la Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo, basado en el Cuadro de Mando Integral. Maestría en Gestión de la Calidad y Productividad. Universidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE. Matriz Sangolquíes_ES
dc.description.abstractThis degree work was developed at the State Technical University of Quevedo, specifically at the General Library with the aim of developing a proposal for a Balanced Scorecard that allows you to monitor and control the defined strategies and become a tool support for the decision-making of those who manage the library. For its preparation, a situational diagnosis is carried out as a first step that allows knowing the state of the library in terms of its strategy and the environment in the higher education sector, thus identifying some key points on which efforts should be focused. In the diagnosis, the SWOT analysis methodology was used, the results obtained became the main input that allowed defining the perspectives, as well as structuring the strategic objectives and in this way facilitate the understanding of the strategic direction of the library, which are displayed easily on the Strategy Map. Indicators and strategic themes were designed for each perspective included in the model, which will make it possible to materialize the course defined by the library. Finally, the defined indicators were entered in an Excel application sheet, which allowed us to make a dashboard in a general way, with the entered data, it allowed the measurement and control of the entered indicators, which gives us a clear vision of how it is. the situation of the library based on the traffic lights used. From the analysis that is carried out of this information, it will finally ensure that the objectives set are achieved and thus comply with the mission and vision established in the strategic direction of the library.es_ES
dc.publisherUniversidad de las Fuerzas Armadas ESPE. Maestría en Gestión de la Calidad y Productividades_ES
dc.titleDesarrollo de un Modelo de Gestión Estratégico para la Biblioteca de la Universidad Técnica Estatal de Quevedo, basado en el Cuadro de Mando Integrales_ES
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